Tampere University Hospital (Tays) published a long list of places where it may have been exposed to the corona during the past week.

There are 45 places on the list in Pirkanmaa.

For example, Tammerfest and the surrounding Laukontori area have had more people infected on all days of the festival from 22nd to 24th.


Several follow-up infections have also been linked to the festivals.

- Apply for the test quickly if you were present and get symptoms, Tays Tweets.

Wednesday, July 21st

17–18 Autereen Tupa / Gösta Museum, Mänttä-Vilppula

Thursday, July 22nd

12.30–14 Kaivannon Oasis, Kangasala

16–23 Old Monttu, Tampere

6 pm-8pm Nokia Prisma

20–22 Azúcar Summer Salas event, Laikun Stage, Tampere

22–23 Nysse bus 40 in the direction Koskipuisto – Liuttu

22.30–23.30 Paapa tavern, Tampere

Tammerfest and the surrounding Laukontori area

Friday, July 23rd

4–5 pm Pizzeria Il Siciliano, Tampere

5 pm – 8 pm Pyynikki Brewhouse, Tampere

6 pm – 8 pm Restaurant Heinätori, Tampere

18–19.30 Dam bar, Tampere

7 pm – 8 pm Nysse bus 40b in the direction Liuttu – Kisaranta

20–00.30 Stage dances, Kisaranta, Kangasala

20–22 Restaurant Ranta, Tampere

20–21.30 Clubman, Tampere

21.30–22.30 Pyynikki Brewhouse, Tampere

22–24 Henkka Bar, Tampere

22–02 Alanya, Tampere

22.30–23 Save File Esports, Tampere

10–2 pm Ruby and Fellas, Tampere

23–00 Restaurant Ranta, Tampere

Tammerfest and the surrounding Laukontori area

Saturday, July 24th

7–15 Kuru market

12–16 Bar & Cafe Lategame, Tampere

3–4 pm Restaurant Lie Mi, Tampere

16.30–22.30 Parkano Days / Baron's Birskeet

16.30–17 Pub Simon terrace, Tampere

6–7 pm Pispala Pulteri, Tampere

7 pm-8pm Teerenpeli terrace, Tampere

20–22 Pub Hovipoika, Tampere

20.30–22.45 Pub Pikilinna terrace, Tampere

Finnkino Plevna, film Old, screening at 8.50 pm, Tampere

21–23 Cafe Europa, Tampere

23–01 Mixei, Tampere

23–24 Pub Kaltsu, Tampere

Tammerfest and the surrounding Laukontori area

Sunday, July 25th

01–01.30 Pizzeria La Toore, Tampere

11–12 Kahvila Runo, Tampere

12–14 Restaurant Muusa, Tampere

12.30–13 Restaurant Semafori terrace, Tampere

6–7 pm Pyynikki Brewhouse, Tampere

7 pm – 8 pm Beer restaurant Konttori, Tampere

19–19.30 Bar Passion, Tampere

7.30 pm – 8 pm Paja Bar, Tampere

19.30–21.30 Myllyrock, Kangasala

7.30–9 pm Keskustori summer oasis, Tampere