The number of people newly infected with the new coronavirus in South Korea reached a record high of more than 1890 in one day on the 27th.

The infection is spreading rapidly outside the metropolitan area, and the Korean government is tightening regulations such as shortening the business hours of restaurants.

The South Korean government announced that the number of newly confirmed infections with the new coronavirus in the country was 1,896 on the 27th alone, the highest number ever.

Of these, about 30% are infected outside the Tokyo metropolitan area, a sharp increase from the 10% level earlier this month, and the government is entering summer vacation in addition to the spread of the mutant virus "Delta strain" confirmed in India. It is said that the background is that the movement of people to rural areas such as resort areas is increasing.

In response to this, from the 27th, the Korean government has taken measures to tighten regulations, such as opening restaurants outside the metropolitan area until 10 pm.

At the countermeasures meeting on the morning of the 28th, Prime Minister Kim Bugyom expressed a sense of crisis by saying, "There is no sign that the momentum of the spread of the infection will subside. We must tighten the reins of the countermeasures."

On the other hand, in South Korea, more than 30% of people have been vaccinated once, and the Korean media has pointed out that they are concerned about the prospect of securing the vaccine.

Regarding this, Prime Minister Kim emphasized that "we will proceed with vaccination toward the goal of achieving herd immunity by November."