Preliminary investigation leader Susanne Nylander says that the police initially this summer received tips about the disappearance that they could follow up and make point-by-point efforts on, but that it now echoes empty on that front.

- Now we do not get any tips at all, it makes it more difficult for us because we do not have anything new to go on, she says.

Do not give up

In the future, the police will continue to make search efforts with a criminal search dog in the area where the man disappeared.

If they receive tips, they will also follow them up and make punk-wise efforts.

- We will not give up until we find him, we will search as long as possible.

The man has been missing since May 2 this year.

He is described as dark-haired with a black beard and is believed to have been wearing a checkered shirt, jeans and rubber boots when he disappeared.

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Pontus Steinvall and Kalle Gren from Nybro motor club assist the police in the search for the missing 76-year-old in Orrefors.

Photo: Ida Skyttberg