Anders Wiklöf, an Åland businessman and millionaire, celebrated his 75th birthday last weekend at the Arkipelag Hotel in Åland.

The celebrations were previously reported by, among others, the Swedish Express and Aftonbladet and the Åland Islands Nya Åland.

According to media reports, at least the Swedish stars Lagaylia Frazier, Carola Häggkvist and Lasse Berghagen were present.

According to Aftonbladet, the former Prime Ministers of Finland and Sweden, Paavo Lipponen and Göran Persson, were also present.

Berghagen told Expressen that he had been a friend of Wiklöf for a long time.

- We spend time together sometimes, he said.

Häggkvist has attended Wiklöf's birthdays before.

Tennis legend Björn Borg, among others, also took part in Wiklöf's 50th birthday.

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Before the surprise appearances of Häggkvist and Berghagen, a flash mob was held in Mariehamn.

- It was cool and has not been done in Åland before.

There were a lot of people there, and they must have been wondering what was going on.

It was fun to do something different and try something new, Wiklöf said according to Expressen.

Wiklöf’s birthdays are known as celebrations attended by celebrities.

For example, two years ago, Wiklöf’s 73rd birthday was visited by, among others, former US President Bill Clinton.

At the time, Ilta-Sanomat said that in addition to birthdays, Clinton also visited Wiklöf's “cottage”, a large villa in Andersudde.

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In pictures taken two years ago, Wiklöf presented Clinton with his art collection and tennis racket, with which Roger Federer won the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2004.

At the end of the visit, Wiklöf donated a saxophone to Clinton, in which the engraved text calls for people and the environment to be given priority.

No further details of the meeting have been revealed by Wiklöf, but he said Clinton is similar between the two in public.

- A guy with a sense of humor, he described in 2019.

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Anders Wiklöf became one of the richest people in Finland from modest conditions.

He is probably the most famous resident of Åland.

He is known, among other things, as a major owner and art collector of the Bank of Åland.

Today, Wiklöf Holding, which he owns, includes hotels, shops, tax-free sales of ships, real estate and tourism, logistics and ambulance helicopters.

The Östersjöfonden Baltic Fund was also established with the funds he donated.

The birthday party he has organized has become an Ålandic tradition, including free concerts.

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