July 28 is World Hepatitis Day. Experts reminded that hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer can be avoided

Vaccination is the most effective and economical way to prevent hepatitis B

  Up to now, there are about 70 million people with chronic hepatitis B virus infection in my country, accounting for about one-third of the global total.

Among them, the number of chronic hepatitis B patients is 20 million to 30 million.

At the same time, there are more than 1 million new hepatitis B patients in my country every year.

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day, and this year's theme is "Hepatitis, I can't wait."

In the offline science salon of "Life Doesn't Wait, Health Without "Liver" Disturbance", experts pointed out that raising adult awareness of hepatitis B prevention and establishing awareness of early hepatitis B screening will help further promote hepatitis B prevention and control and help build a healthy China. .

  Hepatitis B is a chronic inflammatory disease of the liver caused by persistent hepatitis B virus infection.

Professor Jia Jidong, director of the Liver Disease Center of Beijing Friendship Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that compared with other viral hepatitis, hepatitis B has a long incubation period, is more harmful, and is difficult to completely cure, which brings a heavy burden to patients and society.

  In July 2019, the State Council issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of the Healthy China Action", issued the "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)" document and pointed out that various prevention and treatment measures for viral hepatitis should be fully implemented to control viral hepatitis and its Related liver cancer and cirrhosis deaths are on the rise.

  "The scary thing about hepatitis B is that it has a high rate of transforming into liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Among the patients with liver cirrhosis and liver cancer in my country, the proportions caused by hepatitis B virus infection are 77% and 84% respectively. Liver cancer is the cancer with the second highest mortality rate in my country. Every year, the number of deaths due to primary liver cancer accounts for about 50% of the world.” Professor Cheng Jun, deputy dean of Beijing Ditan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University reminded.

  Vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine is the most effective and economical way to prevent hepatitis B and its cirrhosis and liver cancer.

  Since 1992, my country has included hepatitis B vaccination into the planned immunization management, and then in 2002, included the hepatitis B vaccine into the children's planned immunization.

So far, the hepatitis B vaccine has been included in my country's childhood immunization program for nearly 20 years. During this period, the carrying rate of my country's children's hepatitis B surface antigen has dropped significantly.

In 2014, the results of the national hepatitis B seroepidemiological survey among people aged 1-29 years showed that compared with 1992, the prevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen among people aged 1-4 and 5-14 decreased by 96.7% and 91.2%, respectively.

However, the coverage rate of hepatitis B vaccine among 15-59 year-olds in my country is only 13.8%. It is urgent to improve the understanding and cognition of adult hepatitis B prevention and increase the coverage rate of adult hepatitis B vaccine.

  The "Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B (2019 Edition)" also encourage the general population to undergo five hepatitis B tests (two and a half hepatitis B) tests during routine physical examinations or visits; and five hepatitis B tests for high-risk groups such as family members of people infected with hepatitis B virus.

Professor Jia Jidong added that if you do not know whether you have been vaccinated against hepatitis B, or even if you have been infected with hepatitis B, the best way is to check the five hepatitis B items.

Professor Cheng Jun also mentioned that it is recommended that everyone actively carry out hepatitis B screening. If hepatitis B is tested for pentane, the most effective preventive measure is to inoculate hepatitis B vaccine.

  Yu Wenzhou, chief physician of the Immunization Program Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the adult hepatitis B vaccine follows the standard vaccination procedure from 0-1-6 months. After vaccination, the antibody titers in the body of antibody responders will decrease over time, but the general population No antibody level monitoring or booster immunization is required.

"For high-risk groups, we still recommend monitoring antibody levels, such as anti-HBs <10 mIU/mL, need to be replanted, and detect hepatitis B surface antibodies 1-2 months after the second vaccination." Yu Wenzhou further emphasized that age increases Factors such as age, male, obesity, smoking, and chronic diseases will reduce the immune response of the hepatitis B vaccine, thereby reducing the protective effect of the hepatitis B vaccine. Therefore, choosing a suitable vaccine for vaccination can obtain a better protective effect.

  Text/Zhang Xiulan