In January, the first hearing was held at a special committee of the House of Representatives investigating the case where supporters of former President Trump broke into the US federal parliament building, and police officers who were guarding the situation at that time Witnessed.

In January, supporters of former President Donald Trump, who were dissatisfied with the results of the presidential election, broke into the US Parliament Building, killing five people, including police officers.

A special committee of the House of Representatives investigating the background of the incident and the situation at that time held its first hearing on the 27th, attended by four police officers who were guarding.

The four testified that the mob people used a type of stun gun, the "taser gun," and that they are still rehabilitating the injuries they suffered at the time.

There was also one act in which one of the police officers slammed his desk and screamed that the invasion of Congress was "peaceful", with some lawmakers claiming it was "shameful." did.

Meanwhile, Congressman Dick Cheney, a member of the opposition and Republican Party who is critical of Mr. Trump, said, "I need to know everything about the calls and conversations that took place at the White House that day," and Mr. Trump's words and actions may have influenced him. He insisted that it should be investigated.

The Republican Party has been deeply opposed to the investigation of the invasion case by the parliament, saying that it does not lead to reconciliation, and the invasion case that is said to have threatened American democracy is still a symbol of political confrontation.