Since the fatal shooting of a police officer at the beginning of the summer, the police have had an increased presence in Biskopsgården.

On Friday, police saw on site how a person with a connection to a criminal network tried to hide what was later found to be a sharp-charged pistol.

In a collaboration between several police units, including the group for serious organized crime, two people were arrested the same evening and a third the next day.

All are linked to the criminal gang and are now in custody on suspicion of a serious gun crime.

- They are not in the absolute management, but they are high up in the organization and have a great opportunity to influence others, says Jörgen Thorén.

Heavy period for the Police

Despite the fact that no one has yet been convicted, area police chief Jörgen Thorén is hopeful and sees the effort as a success as it can remove both weapons and leading criminals from the area.

The time after the police murder has been tough for the corps in many ways.

- We have had a difficult situation where we had to deal with the grief of a colleague and at the same time continue the work we do out there.

This is a positive thing in a very difficult period, he says.

 This is behind the gang conflicts in Biskopsgården