On Monday, SVT Småland reported that Växjö municipality has been courted by no less than four players who want to invest in renting electric scooters in the city.

But so far, companies have been denied access to municipal land.

- It is a deliberate act, says Per-Olof Löfberg, traffic planning manager at Växjö municipality. 

It is also not possible to rent an electric scooter in Kalmar.

This is despite the fact that it is a student city that can be considered attractive to companies.

One company backed down

Just over two years ago, the electric scooter company Voi contacted Kalmar municipality to discuss a future investment in the city.

- But there was a fatal accident and then Voi backed away, says Anders Stridarv.

Since then, no company that wants to rent out electric scooters has contacted Kalmar municipality.

If a company contacts the municipality, it is not certain that there will be a resounding yes from the public works office.

- As it looks today with electric scooters, we must come to a solution with the problems in road safety that exist, says traffic technician Anders Stridarv.