In the collision of two vehicles in Messel in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, six people were injured, including three children. A 22-year-old driver wanted to turn left and crashed into the car of a 30-year-old driver, in which a woman and three children were also sitting, a police spokesman announced on Tuesday morning. The children were slightly injured and the adults were seriously injured. Two children suffered a shock. All were taken to a hospital. A short time later the children could be handed over to their grandmother. Both vehicles were no longer ready to drive and were towed away. The damage should amount to around 20,000 euros.


A truck driver had an accident on Autobahn 5 near Alsfeld in the Vogelsbergkreis, but did not notice it and drove on. The 56-year-old driver was on the way to Frankfurt on Monday evening and tried to overtake another truck, the police announced on Tuesday. A 46-year-old driver in the other lane could not prevent a collision with the truck despite evasive maneuvers. The driver was trapped in his car and had to be rescued by the fire brigade. A rescue helicopter flew the injured person to a clinic.

The truck driver said he heard a blow, but assumed that it was a blown tire. He had therefore stopped shortly after the scene of the accident, but then drove on when he could not determine this. Only later did he discover that his stern was badly damaged, whereupon he notified the emergency services. According to the police, criminal proceedings for escaping traffic accidents and negligent bodily harm were initiated against the man.


A motorcyclist was critically injured in an unsuccessful overtaking maneuver in Frankfurt. The 27-year-old man was out of town with his machine on Tuesday night, the police announced on Tuesday morning. According to initial findings, he was probably trying to overtake a taxi, which was probably turning. The motorcyclist collided with the car. According to a spokesman, the motorcycle flew so far that it damaged another vehicle. More detailed background to the course of the accident was initially not known. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.