New York (AFP)

The New York Stock Exchange opened slightly lower on Monday, catching its breath after ending the previous week on all-time highs and awaiting another wave of results.

Around 13:50 GMT, the Dow Jones fell 0.11% to 35,023.99 points, the Nasdaq 0.10% to 14,822.53 points.

The extended S&P 500 index was stable at 4,411.69 points.

Friday, the Dow Jones finished, for the first time, above 35,000 points, at 35,061.55 points.

"It will be a mixed session, a break after the gains we had last week," anticipated Peter Cardillo, head of market analysis for Spartan Capital.

The drop in the stock markets of Hong Kong (-4.1%) and Shanghai (-2.3%), under the effect of a new regulatory tightening of the Chinese authorities, was also in the heads.

"There is tension, I'm not going to say the opposite, but I don't think that's what is holding back the market," said Peter Cardillo.

The week will be marked by a new wave of quarterly business results with Tesla Monday after market close and, from Tuesday, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google) or Starbucks.

"The results (of companies) have been good (so far) and if the techs help, the market has room to go up further," said Peter Cardillo.

Investors will also follow the meeting of officials of the American Central Bank (Fed), Tuesday and Wednesday, with a press conference by the president of the institution, Jerome Powell, in conclusion.

"I don't expect the Fed to really change anything," Cardillo explained.

Economists agree that the central bank will not give any new indication on the timing of the gradual withdrawal of measures to support the economy or of an interest rate hike.

Among the values, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase (+ 8.33% to 243.66 dollars) took advantage of press information indicating the upcoming entry of the giant Amazon in this market.

According to the City AM site, Amazon could accept bitcoin payments on its platform at the end of the year and would even study the launch of its own cryptocurrency.

All cryptocurrencies also benefited from information, bitcoin, the best known of them, gaining 12.24% to $ 38,345.08.

The new signal of a tightening of regulations from the Chinese authorities, which this time attacked the actors of private tutoring in China on Saturday, weighed down most Chinese values.

Several of the companies targeted, listed on Wall Street, plunged early in the session, such as Tal Education Group (-12.67%), New Oriental Education (-16.06%) or Gaotu (-15.67%).

The news also dragged down the Chinese giants listed in New York, Alibaba (-4.21%), (-4.62%) or Pinduoduo (-2.93%).

The British insurance broker Aon jumped (+ 6.30% to 247.12 dollars) after the announcement Monday of the termination of his engagement with his competitor Willis Towers Watson, against a backdrop of reluctance from the US Department of Justice.

Willis, he took the opposite direction (-6.67% to 211.30 dollars).

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