Chinanews, July 26th, a comprehensive report that the new crown epidemic in the United States has continued to rebound recently.

American infectious disease expert Fauci said on the 25th that due to the slowdown in vaccination in the United States, the United States is going in the "wrong direction" in combating the new round of epidemics brought about by the delta variant virus.

The U.S. has more than 50,000 new cases in a single day

Fauci: We are putting ourselves in danger

  Fauci issued a new warning about the surge in confirmed cases of the new crown in the United States, especially in some areas, despite the rapid spread of the delta variant virus, people still refuse to receive the new crown vaccine.

Data map: Fauci, an American expert in infectious diseases.

  Fauci said: "50% of the country's population is not fully vaccinated against the new crown. This is a problem." He said: "We are putting ourselves at risk."

  The number of hospitalizations and deaths in the United States is far below the peak in the winter of 2020, but in some areas, the number of newly confirmed cases has risen sharply.

In these areas, people still have doubts about the necessity and safety of vaccinating the new crown vaccine, and resist the government's recommendations for vaccinating the new crown vaccine.

  On July 24, the United States added more than 51,000 confirmed cases, an increase of 172% over the past two weeks. In recent weeks, more than 250 people have died every day.

  Judging from the current situation, data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 49% of Americans eligible for vaccination have received the new crown vaccine.

  But opinion polls show that as many as 80% of Americans who have not received the new crown vaccine said that no matter how many officials urge them to vaccinate, they are sure they will not be vaccinated or are unlikely to be vaccinated.

Fauci supports the mask injunction

These people may need to be vaccinated with boosters

  Fauci said: "I'm not sure if the worst will happen, but it won't be a good situation... We are going in the wrong direction, just like we have two United States."

  Fauci also said that Americans with weakened immune systems may eventually need to be given additional doses of the new crown vaccine.

He said: "Those who have undergone liver transplantation, cancer chemotherapy, have autoimmune diseases, and receive immunosuppressive therapy. If they are to receive the third dose of supplementary vaccine, they will be the first vulnerable group to be vaccinated."

  Fauci cited recent research showing that some people who have been vaccinated may have weakened immunity.

He said that US health officials are reviewing the data to determine when a booster immunization may be needed.

  In addition, Fauci also supports the decisions of Los Angeles and St. Louis to re-implement the mask order regardless of the vaccination situation.

He said that local governments have the right to evaluate and introduce rules suitable for local conditions at their discretion, and said that the actions of these cities are not inconsistent with the CDC's recommendations.

  According to the report, the higher the spread of the virus in the community, the more likely there is a case that can break through the protection of the vaccine.

Epidemiologist Gothe said that the current surge in cases of the delta variant virus in the United States is like driving on a racing track, which requires more protection. Wearing a mask is to provide an extra layer of protection in high-risk situations.

  There are also experts suggesting whether to force residents to wear masks according to the community’s hospitalization rate for the new crown.