China's Supreme Procuratorate: Prosecutors can actively supervise illegal acts in civil trials and enforcement activities

  China News Service, Beijing, July 26 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) The Supreme People's Procuratorate of China issued the revised "People's Procuratorate Civil Litigation Supervision Rules" on the 26th.

Zhang Xueqiao, deputy procurator-general of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, said when introducing the amendments that the "Rules" appropriately expanded the scope of cases in which supervision procedures were initiated ex officio and fully performed legal supervision duties.

  He said that in response to the narrow scope of the original civil litigation supervision rules for initiating supervision procedures ex offi The Rules add the following three types of cases in which supervision procedures are initiated ex officio:

  The parties involved false litigation and other acts that interfered with the judicial order.

  The civil public interest litigation judgments, rulings, and mediation documents made by the people's courts that have become legally effective are indeed wrong, the judges have violated the law in the trial procedures, or the enforcement activities have violated the law.

  Circumstances where supervision is really necessary, such as having a major social impact.

  The "Rules" also make it clear that procuratorial organs initiate supervision procedures for civil cases in accordance with their powers, and are not subject to restrictions on whether the parties apply for retrial.