Defense Minister Seo Wook said that the Cheonghae Unit, whose soldiers returned home early due to corona, was successful in its mission and operation. When the opposition called for his resignation, Minister Seo said his position would be reviewed above.

This is Kim Tae-hoon, a defense reporter specializing in defense.


Defense Minister Seo Wook, who attended the National Assembly, apologized again, saying that he felt a serious sense of responsibility for the group infection of the Cheonghae Unit.

Vaccination agreements were discussed with Oman in the Middle East, but they also disclosed new information that failed.

He also evaluated that the Cheonghae Unit missions and overall operations were successful, including missions in the Gulf of Aden and Africa, and emergency evacuation after mass infection.

[Kim Byung-gi / Democratic Party lawmaker: Do you see this operation as a success or a failure?]

[Seo-wook/Minister of Defense: Mission successfully.] The

ruling party lawmakers also defended that they met an irresistible situation.

[Ahn Gyu-baek / Democratic Party lawmaker: If we define this as a failure, who can become the last stronghold of the Korean army? Working people break plates.]

Opposition lawmakers pushed Minister Seo, saying that it was a problem from situational awareness.

[Sung Il-jong / People's Strength Rep.: I was not prepared enough, so I was infected with an infectious disease more than 90% and came in. Is this a successful operation?]

When he urged the general resignation of the military command, including the defense minister, along with a state investigation, Minister Seo replied that it was a matter for the personnel authority to decide.

[Yichaeik / the national forces Senator: it must resignation of Defense Minister, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Navy Chief of Staff.]

[Seouk / Secretary of Defense: the relevant information, yet now seems that it will review the above]

In this regard, standing voiced's the Minister had, The Blue House is also said to be in an atmosphere that does not consider sacking.

(Video coverage: Jeong Sang-bo, video editing: Ha Seong-won)