In July this year compared with 2019, the building permit unit in Ängelholm received almost two hundred more building permit applications.

The pressure is so high that the building permit unit has had to hire more employees and even more will be hired this autumn.

- In normal cases, we have perhaps 20 ongoing cases per administrator.

Throughout the spring, I have been on 50 ongoing cases, says Anders Pålssån.

More people stay at home

The reason why the number of building permit applications has increased is that people to a greater extent choose to spend their money at home.

- It is a direct effect of covid-19.

People are at home, they do not go abroad and they get some money left over.

They see what needs to be done at home in a completely different way than before, says Anders Pålsson.

Another factor in the number of cases increasing is that the municipality of Ängelholm in 2011 received a new plan for a building permit, which led to additional work for the building permit unit.

- Since then, the appeal of building permits has increased very much, says Anders Pålsson.

Sees a continued high pressure

Anders Person believes that the trend will continue in the future, which has led the building permit unit to plan to employ more employees this autumn.

- People will not want to stop building, it has become more complicated with building permits and the requirements are constantly higher.

That means we have even more to do, he says.

The trend looks the same throughout Sweden.

- We have quite good contact with Helsingborg and Jönköping and there the trend looks to be the same.

The projects that dominate the homes of Swedes are conservatories, planks, fences and walls as well as new detached houses.