(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) New York City requires all municipal employees to be vaccinated against the new crown

  China News Service, New York, July 26. New York Mayor Bai Sihao announced on the 26th that the staff of all municipal agencies in New York City should be vaccinated against the new crown before September 13, otherwise they must be tested for the new crown virus every week before they can work.

  This is the latest measure taken by the New York City government to promote new crown vaccination.

Prior to this, the municipal government issued regulations requiring employees of the municipal public hospital system and community clinics affiliated to the municipal health bureau to be vaccinated, otherwise they must be tested for the virus every week.

Bai Sihao also called on private business owners to require employees to be vaccinated.

  At the press conference, Bai Sihao said that about 45,000 government employees in New York City who work in centralized offices or nursing homes should be vaccinated before August 16, or they must be tested weekly; other government employees should be vaccinated before September 13 .

Beginning on August 2, the city government will increase inspections to ensure that government employees who have not been vaccinated wear masks in their offices.

  According to the New York Times, the current vaccination rate for employees in the New York City education system is about 60%, that for New York City Police Department employees is about 43%, and that for Fire Department employees is about 55%.

  The United Federation of Teachers in New York City issued a statement on the same day, expressing support for this provision, saying that while promoting vaccination, it retains the freedom of personal choice.

The commissioner of the New York City Labor Relations Office, Renee Campion, said that it will continue to communicate with union representatives on the implementation of this regulation, but employees who refuse to be vaccinated and tested at the same time cannot go to work and are not paid.

  The New York City government website shows that the average number of new cases in a single day in New York City on the 26th (including confirmed and suspected cases) was 862, more than three times the number at the end of June.

41.1% of New York residents of all ages still have not been vaccinated; in terms of geographic distribution, Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, and the southeastern part of Queens have low vaccination rates.

  New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan that day. The state government provided 15 million U.S. dollars to promote vaccination in 117 zip codes in the state.

The epidemic spreads quickly in these areas and the vaccination rate is low, including the aforementioned low vaccination rate areas in New York City.

  Cuomo said that the funds will be invested in community vaccination through six private institutions including the Hispanic Foundation, the New York Immigration League, and the Wang Jialian Community Medical Center. He said that the promotion of vaccines should be increased through community-based methods, rather than "publishing top-down information." (Finish)