Donald Trump's presidency is history - and the last parts of this story also have their own books.

Several new works deal primarily with Trump's final year in office before losing the election to Joe Biden.

Between the authors and their “insider” reports, observers see a competition for the most surprising news and deepest insights into Trump's last few months. Michael Bender, Washington correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, pre-published excerpts from his book "Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of how Trump lost" "). Others followed suit.

For Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post, "I Alone Can Fix It" is the second Trump book after "A Very Stable Genius" from the last year.

"Landslide" ("Landslide") is already the third book about the former president that Michael Wolff is bringing onto the market.

All of these new works use Trump's self-descriptions for the title.

A tribute to Milley's role

Rucker and Leonnig provide an almost meticulous reconstruction of the last year in office. As in the other contributions, you come across a lot of familiar things. But the authors can also show how far Trump's efforts went to use the military to crack down on anti-racist protests following the murder of George Floyd last year. The role of General Mark Milley is also widely recognized. As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the various branches of the military, he opposed the attempts of Trump.

The New York Times found the corresponding passages in the book so convincing that they called Milley a "new American hero". Rucker and Leonnig describe scenes based on Milley's own statements, but also the memories of other witnesses. The general is said to have given film-ready speeches when he showed Trump the limits of the constitution and his right-wing advisor Stephen Miller is said to have "shut up".

When it came to the alleged “election fraud” and the handover to Joe Biden, Milley is said to have countered Trump and members of his team: “Everything will be fine. We will have a peaceful transfer of power, we will land this plane safely. This is America. "Milley saw democracy threatened, compared Trump to Hitler and told employees about the situation after the election:" This is a Reichstag moment ".

The right-wing group "Proud Boys", who felt encouraged by Trump, he described as "the same people we fought in World War II". While many liberals and conservatives saw their yearning for an “adult in the room” who kept Trump in check fulfilled, some Republicans attacked Milley. In his position, he must always be politically neutral, according to the accusation that Tucker Carlson of Fox News made him. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stood before Milley and said he had "no political bone in his body."

Above all, Wolff can trace in his book how the chaos in the White House in 2020 spread more and more and more and more people distanced themselves from Trump, until the closest circle around Rudy Giuliani or Sidney Powell led an impossible battle against the election result and until Trump's supporters forcibly carried their self-deception to Washington on January 6th.

Wolff, who has been accused of being a bit too lax with sources and facts in the past, also provides new details about Trump's outbursts. Not infrequently he is said to have made fun of his own fans - he described them as "unwashed", mocked their social origins and once said that with this clientele he could have successfully invested in a chain of tattoo studios. On election night, the loser is said to have complained bitterly when Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner in Arizona. Fox founder Rupert Murdoch is said to have dismissed Trump's anger with a "Fuck him".