In the afternoon, SOS was alerted to a fire in Tjeggelvas.

It turned out to be a boathouse that was on fire out on a headland.

To get to the scene, the rescue service had to use the boat the last bit.

The fire had spread in the ground vegetation around the house.

It is to be under control, but the rescue service remains in the area to monitor the site further.

At the same time, help was called in from the Sorsele rescue service after a fire in connection with a lightning strike in Bäcknäs.

- That fire should not have been so big, says rescue chief Magnus Holmberg.

Request from the rescue chief

Another fire alarm has been received, but it has not yet been confirmed.

The rescue chief Magnus Holmberg now wants to urge the public to be careful.

- People must be careful with fire now that it is so dry.