Former U.S. President Donald Trump associates politics with the inferior performance of the country’s women’s soccer team in the opening match of the Olympics.

According to the New York Post, Trump has set up teams at public events in Arizona and Arkansas.

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The United States, which is number one in the women's world rankings, lost 3-0 to Sweden in its opening match.

According to Republican Trump, “woke politics” is the cause of this humiliating shock loss.

- Vigilant politics takes joy from everything.

Vigilance makes you disappear, it ruins your mind and makes you a human being.

You become perverted.

You demented, Trump licked in Arizona.

The U.S. knocked New Zealand 6-1 on Saturday.


Judging by the claims, Trump therefore believes that the players are supporters of this trend, and it became the fate of the team's opening match.

According to the former president, the team also reflects well on the current situation in the country.

- The team suddenly lost to Sweden and the Americans were happy about it, Trump said in amazement, to which the audience responded cheering.

The U.S. team is known for protesting against racism, including by kneeling at the time of the national anthem.

Megan Rapinoe, one of the biggest stars of the team and women’s football, is especially known for her statements to promote equality.

Megan Rapinoe is known as an advocate of equality.

Photo: Mickael Chavet / ZUMA

The US opened their points account in their second match by beating New Zealand convincingly 6-1.

On Saturday, the team will face Australia at 11 a.m. Finnish time.

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