At an open-air concert by the singer Nena at the new BER airport in Berlin, there was a scandal on Sunday evening.

As the Tagesspiegel reports, the concert organizer and the Berlin Ordnungsamt canceled the concert after the regular set because Nena repeatedly asked her audience to come in front of the stage and thus to bypass the Corona security concept.

Accordingly, the 61-year-old singer told her fans before her song “Nur dream” that they should “get their freedom” back and come in front of the stage to celebrate with her.

The security concept of the concert series “Under the Open Sky” originally envisaged that the audience would stay within small areas marked by crates of drinks.

When some fans wanted to gather in front of the stage, they were referred back to their seats by folders, according to Tagesspiegel.

But Nena continued to urge her audience to come up to her.

After the organizer threatened to cancel the concert, Nena broached this issue on the stage.

You leave it to the responsibility of each viewer, everyone is free to decide.

"Just like everyone is free to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not!"

A demonstrating crowd and a white heart

After a comment on the crowd at Christopher Street Day, at which around 65,000 people demonstrated for the rights of the LGBTQ community and against their discrimination on Saturday in Berlin, Nena said, according to Tagesspiegel: “So switch off the power or get me here with the police down - I don't fucking care! I'm fed up! ”Then Philipp Palm, Nena's partner, asked the audience back to their seats so that they could continue. A few more songs followed, with some fans huddled in front of the stage again. However, before the encore could begin, the concert was finally canceled.

It was only in March that the singer caused a stir with a post on Instagram. "Thank you Kassel": These words were used to headline a video on the singer's social media channel, which was about a controversial demonstration against corona requirements. The clip shows a demonstrating crowd in fast motion and is provided with a white heart and the date of the demonstration, “March 20, 2021”. He was part of an Instagram story that regularly disappears after 24 hours.