Award-winning comedian Jackie Mason has died at the age of 93, the BBC reports.

Mason, who has had a career of many decades, passed away in New York on Saturday, exhausted by illness.

To the general public, Mason’s best-known role was in the Simpsons animated series as the voice of the rabbi father of the Funny Clown.

The role also gave Mason an Emmy Award, which the man won a total of three during his career.

In addition to the Emmys, the comedian also won the Tony Award and was once nominated for a Grammy Award in the music industry.

Mason served as a younger father like a rabbi until he moved into the show business in the 1950s.

During his long career, he was known for his comedy commenting on social issues, his one-man performances on Broadway, and his many talk shows.

Celebrities have commented on social media about Mason’s departure.

Actor Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie in the Days of Happiness series, described Mason’s performance as one of the funniest he’s ever seen.

- Thanks Jackie, now you can laugh in heaven, Winkler wrote.

The Simpsons producer Al Jean wrote that he shared the downtrend of the Funny Clown, a picture shared on Twitter.

Mason was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City two weeks ago until he died on Saturday.

The cause of death has not been made public.

The man was missed by his wife and daughter.