Norway and Bulgaria have tightened the corona measures for inbound tourists, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday.

For Dutch tourists this means that they need a negative PCR test to enter Bulgaria.

Dutch people who are not fully vaccinated are also required to quarantine if they want to go to Norway.

Both countries are tightening the measures after the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) adjusted the European corona map on Thursday.

Due to the large number of infections, the Netherlands was largely colored dark red, as a result of which Bulgaria and Norway designate the country as a risk area.

For Dutch travelers to Bulgaria, the tightening means that they must be able to hand over a negative PCR test from Monday, even if they have been (fully) vaccinated or have a recovery certificate.

By way of exception, travelers may also enter on Mondays with only a negative antigen test.

That will no longer be possible from Tuesday.

It is not yet known whether there are exceptions to the rule.

The ministry says it will provide more information as soon as it is known.


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Registration, PCR test and quarantine for unvaccinated in Norway

People traveling to Norway must take into account strict entry requirements.

Only fully vaccinated people who can show corona proof are allowed to enter the country.

Travelers who received the Janssen vaccine more than three weeks ago or who received their second shot with a different corona vaccine more than a week ago are considered fully vaccinated in Norway.

Norway requires all travelers who are not fully vaccinated to be quarantined.

They must register before arriving in the country and show a negative PCR test.

Then they have to quarantine for ten days.

The first three days of the quarantine will be spent in a hotel allocated by the Norwegian government.

After a negative PCR test on day four, it is in principle possible to complete the quarantine in a desired location (hotel or house).

Children under 12 do not need to be tested.

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