According to the lifesaving society's latest statistics, 49 people have died in drowning accidents this year, until June.

This weekend alone, three people died after drowning accidents, and also earlier in July, several people died, including a child who drowned in Letälven in Degerfors just over two weeks ago.

And a week ago, an elderly man died after a drowning accident at Borrby beach in Simrishamn.

- July is usually worse than other months, states Tina Heiker Hult, operations manager at the Swedish Lifesaving Society in Gothenburg.

Have warned before the summer

During the pandemic and ahead of this summer, the lifesaving society has warned that closed swimming pools risk leading to more drowning accidents than before.

This is because fewer children have the opportunity to learn to swim and adults cannot train their skills.

- We already see several children who have drowned this year, and it is one person too many every time someone drowns, says Tina Heiker Hult.

- It is a fresh product with swimming, if you have once been able to swim 200 meters, it does not mean that you can still do it if you do not have the opportunity to test.

It is a safety risk to go into the water if you are not well prepared, says Tina Heiker Hult.

What is most important to avoid accidents?

- We have a fantastic summer, so feel free to swim, but we must use our heads and be wise when we swim.

Talk to the children and young people about not inciting each other, and wear a life jacket when you are out with the boat so that you come back home.

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Many drowning incidents in a short time.