Streets in London were flooded and underground stations closed on Sunday after heavy rains.

Parts of London have been issued two flash flood warnings.

There was also a warning about lighter flooding in fourteen places in the capital and surroundings, the


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Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted that police and firefighters were busy with "significant flooding" in the city and warned not to walk or drive through the water that floods streets.

In dozens of streets, cars and buses got stuck in the rapidly rising water.

Many streets were closed, eight metro stations were closed after they were filled.

Firefighters said they had received more than 600 calls about flooded basements and roads in just a few hours.

Two hospitals reported problems in emergency departments due to the severe weather,

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They asked patients to go to other hospitals.


A DLR station in east London has been flooded as heavy rain hit the capital, leaving people wading in knee-high water.Get the latest UK weather news:


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For much of the south east of England, code orange applies to thunderstorms.

Meteorologists predict a lot of rain in that area for Sunday evening.

We have now taken more than 600 calls to flooding incidents, including flooding to roads & properties, reports of ceilings collapsing & vehicles stuck in water.

Crews used specialist water rescue equipment to rescue five people from a car stuck in flood water in #WorcesterPark


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