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Dubai Courts launches the "smart and electronic notary" service

During the inauguration ceremony of the “smart notary” service, as part of the development of the work system towards digital orientation.

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Dubai Courts launched the “smart and electronic notary” service, as part of a package of services and initiatives concerned with developing the work system towards digital orientation, which achieves the ease and speed of customers’ access to services at any time and place without any restrictions and through several smart and electronic channels, which translates the leadership’s directions in Shift towards a smart, proactive and creative government in meeting the needs of the individual and society.

Director General of Dubai Courts, Tarish Eid Al-Mansoori, explained that Dubai Courts' keenness to launch innovative services that contribute to creating innovative interactive channels that contribute to meeting the needs of customers and making them happy, by facilitating services for them by providing an integrated system of smart and electronic services, to strive to provide the best services In a way that enhances the quality of life and the state's position and advanced position on the competitive ladder.

The Head of the Courts of First Instance and the General Supervisor of the Development Team in Dubai Courts, Judge Muhammad Al-Sabousi, indicated that the “smart and electronic notary service” includes all the services of the notary public such as powers of attorney, declarations, forensic warnings, meeting minutes, wills of non-Muslims and contracts of all kinds, and the fully automated service includes: The stages of registration, data entry, attaching supporting documents to the editor, paying fees, auditing, verifying capacity and eligibility through virtual or personal attendance if required, electronically signing and receiving the certified document. All these steps are done electronically through any electronic device.

Al-Sabousi mentioned the multiplicity of channels for obtaining the service, including the public notary, the private notary, employees of government agencies, and practitioners such as law firms and individuals' accounts with Dubai Courts.

He explained the mechanism of inquiry and verification of the authenticity of the documents, by entering the courts’ website, choosing the public electronic services, choosing the inquiries, choosing an inquiry about the notary’s documents, choosing the editor’s category, year and application number.

He pointed out that this launch is one of the systems that are associated with Dubai Smart Government, where the service includes two tracks, namely, the general, which is a path for requests submitted by the customer directly, or from service delivery centers (internal or external), and it covers types of The following requests: requests that are automatically approved by the system, requests that require human intervention to audit or attend, or both, where this intervention is implemented by Dubai Courts employees (auditors and service providers), and the private track is a track for requests submitted by offices The private notary public, licensed law firms, or employees of other government agencies authorized to certify notary public documents, covering the following types of requests:Requests that are automatically approved by the system, requests that require human intervention to check or attend, or both, where this intervention is implemented by the private notary or licensed law firms or by employees of other government agencies authorized to certify the documents of the notary public.

Al-Saboosi noted that the services are available around the clock in all devices running Windows, iOS, Android, and after signing up (the customer identified with the digital identity is given a user name and password), and then choosing the type of service (agencies, declarations, forensic warnings, Minutes of the meeting, wills of non-Muslims - contracts..etc), then enter the data and ID number, choose the items of materials and attach the supporting documents for the service.

He added that after that comes the stage of electronic payment of the fees, and the process of directing the system to the editor is done automatically, so that the system determines its exit based on the service settings or the customer's choice of the judge, or the free during the editor's selection stage, which determines the service's need for auditing without the presence of the parties or their virtual presence Or personal, based on the data and information entered by the applicant in his identification of the parties and their electronic signature.

He referred to the stage of legal and administrative auditing by the auditor on the transaction by reviewing the entries, fees, editor and attachments with verification of agencies in the event of impersonal representation of one of the transaction parties, after which he determines the approval and approval or requesting amendments to the transaction completed by the client before sending it back for audit or rejection with reasoning. Then comes the stage of the customer booking the desired date for virtual or personal attendance according to the service provider’s availability schedule, then signing and approving the service provider, and the last step is receiving the transaction via e-mail.

first package

The first package that was launched includes all types of agencies related to administration, disposal, cases, business, trademarks, intellectual property, models, industrial designs, commercial agencies, banking transactions, inheritance, inheritance, shares, marriage, divorce, vehicles, domain names, patents, plant varieties, copyrights, powers of revisions, agencies and special declarations to be submitted to the Ministry Human Resources and Emiratisation, and the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and the packages will be launched successively, which are declarations, judicial warnings, ratification of meeting minutes for companies, wills of non-Muslims, and contracts of all kinds.

• “Smart Notary Public” includes all services of powers of attorney, declarations and forensic warnings.

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