• Draghi effect on vaccinations, bookings are boom

  • Draghi: "An appeal not to get vaccinated is an appeal to die"


July 24, 2021 Young people are pushing the vaccination campaign: the latest government report certifies a situation that could be even more evident in 7 days, when the effect of the decree making the green pass mandatory from August 6 will be seen on the data to be able to access a whole series of activities and services.

The numbers say that in the last week almost 350 thousand under 30s, 118 thousand of whom were very young between 12 and 19 years of age, were vaccinated with the first dose or the single dose (because they have already had Covid): a triple growth compared to that of adults between 50 and 69 years old, in which 124,000 vaccinated with the first or only dose in the last seven days.

In particular, in the 12-19 range, for which only Pfizer is authorized, 1,232,932 children took the first dose or the single dose, 117,788 more than 7 days before. Among those between the ages of 20 and 29 - to whom Pfizer, Moderna and even J&J have been administered - the increase in the last week is instead of 231,180.

Between the ages of 12 and 29, therefore, 348,968 took the first or only dose. 

Low numbers, however, between the 50-69 year-olds, age groups in which there are still almost 3.8 million citizens who have not even taken the first dose and whose recovery is among the government's priorities. In the last week, the 50-59 year olds who took the first dose or the single dose are 78,236 while in the 60-69 range they are 45,652.