The deputy drew attention to the fact that Ukraine buys Russian gas, but more expensively and through intermediaries, which, as the parliamentarian ironically noted, "is more profitable and meets the political spirit of official Kiev."

As Balbek emphasized, "it is impossible to communicate in a businesslike manner with people who are programmed to reject any proposal from the Russian side."

“They do not even take a calculator in their hands in these matters in order to calculate income and expenses, but only open brochures with political instructions and then make loud statements,” the deputy noted.

Earlier Vitrenko said that Gazprom's proposals for gas transit are unacceptable for Kiev.

According to Vitrenko, the Russian side allegedly insisted that Ukraine buy "a lot of Russian gas" at an inflated price.

He also clarified that at the moment Kiev spends less money on all gas imports than it receives from fuel transit.

According to him, the Ukrainian side remains “in the black”, receiving money into the state budget.

On July 22, Gazprom announced its readiness to increase transit through Ukraine with new purchases from Europe.