China News Service, New York, July 23. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Olympic Channel used an incomplete map of China on the 23rd when it broadcast the scene of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

The relevant behavior aroused questions and dissatisfaction among netizens.

  The spokesperson of the Chinese Consulate General in New York pointed out that the map is an expression of the national territory, symbolizing national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

As a major American television media that used to exclusively broadcast the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the United States, the above-mentioned behavior of NBC Olympic Channel had a very bad influence and harmed the dignity and emotion of the Chinese people.

We urge the NBC to recognize the serious nature of this problem and take measures to correct the error.

  The spokesperson said that unity, peace and friendship are the eternal themes of the Olympic Games.

China has always firmly opposed the politicization of sports and actions that violate the spirit of the Olympic Charter.

This is also the consensus of relevant international parties, including the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Attempts to use the Olympic Games to play political "tricks" and self-promotion to achieve ulterior goals will never succeed.