The warm weather in July has kept the Coast Guard busy.

According to Lars Saarinen, Director of Maritime Rescue at the Western Finland Coast Guard, the Coast Guard receives tasks evenly and in large numbers, especially on summer weekends.

- This is a pretty normal weekend in July.

Today, there have been six maritime rescue missions and we have also assisted four other relief missions by the authorities.

I would say that the number of tasks will still double today, Saarinen says.

According to Saarinen, the majority of sea rescue missions are due to boat breakdowns.

Other types of tasks are coming evenly, but according to Saarinen, their number is smaller.

- In addition, there are groundwater and drunken-style cases of grounding and field work.

Today, there have already been three drunk drivers, Saarinen says.

- Drunk driving is most often found in water transport stations.

Of course, there are also accidents due to alcohol, especially on summer weekends, but during the summer, these also happen every week.

Today, the Coast Guard has been alerted to assist a cruise ship that ran aground in Houtskar, Parainen.

The Airisto, on the other hand, sank a small boat whose drivers are suspected of drunken traffic.

In front of Oulu, a broken-down motorboat drifted on the fairway.

A Coast Guard patrol, alerted to help, towed a detective from the scene.

One of the alarms of the day came from Estonia, where a member of a Finnish water jet expedition fell from his jet and was injured. Tallinn's maritime rescue was alerted to help. A man who fell off a ride in front of Haapsalu has since been taken to hospital.