A Myanmar player who is staying in Japan and applying for refugee status will join the J3 club in Yokohama as a trainee because he came to Japan as a representative of Myanmar for soccer and showed his intention to protest against the military government before the match. Has been decided.

Pyae Lyan Aung came to Japan in May as the goalkeeper of the Myanmar national football team, and raised three fingers before the World Cup Asian 2nd qualifying match to show his intention to protest the military government. rice field.

If I return to my home country, I may be persecuted, so I stay in Japan and apply for refugee status.

When YSCC Yokohama of J3 based in Yokohama City, who learned of this report, invited Pyae Lyan Aung to practice the team this month to provide a place to play, the players are willing to continue playing soccer in Japan. It was decided on the 23rd that he would join the club as a trainee.

Due to special measures for Myanmar people who wish to stay in Japan, Pyae Lyan Aung is allowed to stay for 6 months, and he will move from Osaka, where he is currently living, to Kanagawa in earnest. I'm planning to start a typical practice.

YSCC Yokohama representative Jiro Yoshino said, "I didn't get a professional contract this time, but there is a possibility. I look forward to future success."