A space coordinator for Hesse: From August 1st, Johann-Dietrich Wörner, until recently Director General of the European Space Agency ESA, will serve the state in this role. A few years ago, people would have been amazed that there would be such a function. Today you have to call the step overdue. At a time when billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Richard Branson have significantly accelerated their own space programs and thus progress in the industry after two decades of preparation, a country with resources like Hesse should no longer wait. Of course, the billionaires also run their programs because of their huge egos, but not only. Space is developing into a highly attractive market,in which billions are turned over - also from many private supplier companies.

This is also good for another reason: Because one can help preserve the earth from space.

Not necessarily with tourist flights at an altitude of 100 kilometers and four minutes of weightlessness.

But with better monitoring of nature and the environment, which can prevent disasters and perhaps also provide some of the answers to questions about climate change.

Be happy about foresight

Hesse is not the first federal state to have a space coordinator, but it is good that it is not the last. The task now is to bundle the expertise that is not only available in the state around the Darmstadt space flight control center and to support Wörner in developing a space strategy that will then be implemented. One can already doubt whether a small office in the State Chancellery is sufficient to support Wörner. To get more power on the engines, that would be a particularly nice task for the Hessian digital ministry in addition to the economic department.

After all, the online specialist and Amazon founder Bezos also knows exactly what he wants in space. In his case, the Amazon customers may have financed the step into space, but the citizens of Hesse will also be happy about the foresight in future generations. Therefore, on the very first day, Wörner should demand a lot more courage and support from politicians than he was previously promised.