Macron changed his mobile phone, India's opposition party asked to investigate Modi... "Pegasus" software monitoring incident stirred the political arena of many countries

  [Global Times Special Correspondent Huang Peizhao in Egypt, Global Times Special Correspondent Zhen Xiang] The "Pegasus" spyware incident triggered a chain reaction and even a political storm in many countries.

According to media reports by Agence France-Presse and other media on the 23rd, the country accused of monitoring other countries’ leaders is busy issuing a statement to clarify responsibility. The country whose leaders may be monitored has begun investigations, while Israel, where the software development company NSO Group is located, is worried. The scandal may have serious diplomatic impact, and measures are being taken to "stop losses."

  Perhaps the most criticized in this incident is the Modi government of India.

The Indian government not only used the "Pegasus" software to monitor members of the National Congress and other opposition parties, but also extended the "devil's claws" to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

According to a report from The Times of India on the 23rd, Rahul Gandhi, the leader of India’s largest opposition party, National Congress, stated that Prime Minister Modi and Interior Minister Shah used spyware to monitor state institutions and politicians, which is an act of treason.

He called for an investigation of Modi, which should be supervised by the Supreme Court, and also called for Shah to resign.

Members of various opposition parties in India staged protests in Parliament on Friday.

The previous day in the Indian parliament, when the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology came to power to issue the central government's statement on the "Pegasus" software, this statement was torn apart by opposition lawmakers, and the parliament had to adjourn.

The trouble the Modi government is facing is not just political infighting.

Pakistan’s “Dawn” said that the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 23rd, strongly condemning the Indian government’s ongoing and extensive espionage activities and calling on the United Nations to conduct a full investigation of the matter.

  French President Macron may also be one of the victims of this monitoring incident.

Agence France-Presse reported on the 23rd that Macron had specifically convened a meeting of the National Defense and National Security Committee on this incident, demanding "strengthening all safety regulations."

According to the information confirmed by the French TV station BFMTV, Macron has changed his cell phone and cell phone number.

According to reports, Macron previously had two Apple mobile phones, a Samsung mobile phone with improved security performance, and the president’s special security mobile phone Teorem.

  Because the developer of the "Pegasus" software is the Israeli NSO Group, France plans to require Israel to explain the incident.

According to a report by Israel’s "New Izvestia" on the 23rd, sources revealed that France has expressed dissatisfaction with Israel and will ask Israel to clarify why the Ministry of National Defense allows the software to be exported to countries that hinder France’s interests, and data collected by spyware. Whether it was acquired by Israel or other countries, whether Israel will investigate the NSO Group, and how Israel will implement export supervision in the future.

  The Israeli authorities are worried that the spyware scandal may have serious diplomatic consequences and are setting up a committee to verify responsibility for the spyware incident.

According to a report by Reuters, the head of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee revealed that the Israeli defense department has taken the lead in forming an evaluation committee involving multiple departments. The parliament will follow up the evaluation and may request the government to strengthen its protection against "Pegasus" spyware. Export control of defense products.

  Morocco also suffered from the incident.

In response to previous media reports that Macron might have been targeted by Morocco, the Moroccan side reacted fiercely, and even planned to file a lawsuit in France against the leading Amnesty International and the NGO named "Taboo Stories" to sue these two organizations. defamation.

In addition to France, the "Pegasus" spyware has further deteriorated Morocco's relations with neighboring Algeria.

On Thursday, Algeria announced that the spyware may be targeted at Algeria's targets to initiate an investigation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan stated that Morocco engages in espionage activities against Afghan officials and citizens.

The two countries have been in constant disagreement over disputed territorial issues.

Last Sunday, because of dissatisfaction with the remarks of the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, Alfonso had just recalled the ambassador to Morocco.

In addition, Agence France-Presse reported that the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was accused of participating in surveillance, also issued a statement stating that the allegations against the country were unfounded and "absolutely wrong."

The Saudi News Agency quoted an official from the country on Wednesday as saying that Saudi Arabia did not use the "Pegasus" software to conduct surveillance activities.

  The Israeli "Ha’aretz" stated on the 22nd that the NSO Group is also trying to distinguish its relationship with illegal surveillance activities.

The CEO of the group stated that the "Pegasus" software is used to combat terrorist attacks and other criminal activities, and the export of software has been approved by the Israeli government.

He said that the NSO Group does not know what goals the customer uses for the software.

If it receives a complaint, the group can get a list of the software's targets, and even unilaterally prohibit certain customers from continuing to use the software.

The NSO Group also emphasized that media reports are "full of false assumptions and unproven theories", just like "a drunk driver criticizes a car manufacturer when he crashes," and believes that the accusations against the company are unjustified.