France: opponents of the "health pass" again expected in the streets

Rally against the "sanitary pass" in the Louvre museum district in Paris on July 17, 2021. AFP - BERTRAND GUAY

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New demonstrations are planned this Saturday throughout France to protest against the "health pass".

Last weekend, more than 110,000 people mobilized in the country.


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a day of national mobilization on Saturday July 17,

dozens of demonstrations are expected this Saturday July 24 in the country against

the extension of the "health pass"

and compulsory vaccination for certain professions.

It is on social networks that the anti-health pass beat the recall.

Numerous Twitter and Facebook accounts list the gatherings organized across the country which are not always declared in the prefecture.

Several events in Paris

Like last weekend, the dispute will be in dispersed order.

Several appointments are thus given.

In Paris alone, three gatherings were declared. 

One of the Parisian gatherings is organized by Florian Philippot, former number two of the National Front and presidential candidate of 2022. He was already at the origin of a procession last Saturday.

“Yellow vests” or influencers fond of infox also call for gatherings in several cities.

But it is difficult to draw a typical portrait of the sanitary blockade that is about to manifest.

It can be far right as well as far left or apolitical.

Protesters are not necessarily anti-vaccine or conspiratorial.

They have one thing in common, however: the desire to defend freedom of choice.

They believe that it is undermined by this health pass which they consider as a disguised obligation for vaccination.

Articles that do not pass

The protest also rises against articles introduced in the bill debated since Wednesday in Parliament.

It is in particular an amendment to the text of the law that crystallizes the tensions: the fact that not having a health pass could become a reason for dismissal.

The text,

adopted by the National Assembly

and under discussion in the Senate, effectively opens the way to dismissal for workers in establishments open to the public who refuse to obtain a health pass.


A slippage 

" or an "

unbearable transgression

", denounce the unions.


For us, the government has crossed the red line.

It comes on the labor code, it creates a reason for dismissal.

It goes way too far.

The employment contract is at the same time fragile, but also complex contract which is based on a certain number of reciprocal concessions, that is to say reciprocal commitments.

All of a sudden, we bring into the provisions that are specific to the employment contract, provisions that we consider to be external


criticizes François Hommeril, president of the French Confederation of Management-General Confederation of Executives ( CFE-CGC).

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For this union, which "

upheld the principle according to which the vaccine was one of the most effective means to fight against the epidemic


the employee should not be sanctioned on his job.

Put the ban on working and the ban on going to the cinema on the same level.

This seems quite out of the ordinary to us, ”

says François Hommeril.

To calm tensions, the Minister of Health reminded the senators that the health pass was not intended to last.

This health pass is intended to disappear as soon as possible and the sooner the better.

Minister of Health Olivier Véran


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