The term of office of Deputy Secretary General Sugita, the top official of the government, was 25 days, which was 3134 days, the longest in history.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Sugita is from the National Police Agency, has a long history of security and public security, and was appointed as Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary in December 2012 when the Second Abe Cabinet was established after serving as Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary. rice field.

After that, he was reappointed to the Kan Cabinet, and his term of office was 3134 days in 25 days, surpassing Mr. Teijiro Furukawa, who was the deputy secretary from the Murayama Cabinet to the Koizumi Cabinet, and became the longest in history.

Mr. Sugita plays a coordinating role in each ministry and agency, and in response to the new coronavirus, he led the large-scale vaccination by the Self-Defense Forces in Tokyo and Osaka, and is also in charge of infection control for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. ..

He is also the director of the Cabinet Personnel Bureau, which centrally manages the personnel affairs of executives of central ministries and agencies.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, "We have made full use of our abundant administrative experience to support the Suga Cabinet with all our might. We hope that you will continue to work as a cornerstone of the official residence."