President Moon Jae-in apologized for the first time for the COVID-19 outbreak at the Cheonghae Unit.

President Moon said in a SNS message today (23rd), "I did not pay close attention to the members of the Cheonghae Unit so that they can carry out their missions in a healthy way.

President Moon said, "The Cheonghae Unit has raised the status of our military on the ocean stage and has been protecting the safety and life of the people," he said. "It is the most honorable unit and has become the pride of the people."

He added, "The mission of the Cheonghae Unit is very heavy and precious," he promised.

President Moon said to the soldiers, "I hope that they will be strong," adding, "If you show a wonderful image of navigating through rough waves again with stronger health, it will be a great hope for the people."

Earlier, 271 out of 301 troops in the Cheonghae Unit 34 were confirmed to have been confirmed, and some in the opposition parties pointed out that President Moon, the commander-in-chief of the military, should apologize.