- It takes the mood and I am now ready to cry most of the time, Mats and Mariette say.

Only at 02:30 at night has it become so quiet that it is worthwhile to go to bed, they say.

They have tried to talk to the property owner and the restaurants that rent.

- Last time I got the answer that tonight's DJ was drunk and had been told four times, but that it therefore did not help.

Hear them in the video above.

Region Gotland's environmental protection inspector Jonatan Levin has now in July received a steady stream of complaints about the high noise levels.

On Wednesday night, he measured noise levels both outdoors and indoors in Visby and despite some restaurateurs receiving advance information, the levels were catastrophic.

He believes it is time for the region to think.

Hear him here in the video.

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- We need to rethink, because it is noticeable that the operations are not able to handle the issue on their own, says Jonatan Levin at the Region.

Photo: TT / SVT