From 20:00 on the 21st to 15:00 on the 22nd, the north central part of Xinxiang City, Henan Province suffered heavy rains and heavy rains.

Zhou Xuewen, the Secretary-General of the State General Defense, the Deputy Minister of Emergency Management and the Deputy Minister of Water Resources, led a National General Defense Working Group composed of emergency, water conservancy, housing and construction, and health and health commissions to go to Xinxiang on the 22nd to assist and guide the flood prevention and disaster relief work.

  Affected by heavy rainfall, many rivers in Xinxiang City were overprotected on the 22nd, and Qiandaotian Village and Houdaotian Village in Liangxiangpo Flood Storage and Detention Area in Weihui City were besieged by floods.

After the working group rushed to the scene, it coordinated with the main responsible comrades of the Henan Provincial Government to organize rescue of trapped villagers, urgently allocated 40 assault boats from the Zhengzhou warehouse of the central flood control and drought relief material reserve, and coordinated with the Natural Disaster Engineering Emergency Rescue Center of the Emergency Management Department (China Security Yes) 2 sets of powered pontoon bridges come to support.

On the same day, the above-mentioned forces arrived at the rescue site.

The working group also inspected the flooding of Xinxiang's high-speed railway station, urban waterlogging, and Weihe River flooding.

(Reporters Liu Xiacun and Wei Yukun)