It was confirmed that the Ministry of National Defense ordered the rapid antigen test kit to be taken before departure from the Cheonghae Unit 34, where the mass infection of Corona 19 occurred, but it was not loaded on the Munmu the Great due to a mistake by the working staff.

Even if only the rapid antigen test kit was brought, it seems inevitable that the people in charge should be reprimanded in that when a person with symptoms appeared at an early stage, preventive measures, including isolation, could be taken earlier, thereby reducing the damage from the group infection.

In a notice today (23rd), the Navy said, "After receiving the 'Guidelines for the use of rapid antigen testing' issued by the Ministry of National Defense at the end of last year, the instructions for use were given to subordinate ships. However, it departed without being able to load it due to the lack of confirmation between the quarantine and working units before dispatch."

The quarantine unit refers to the Cheonghae Unit, and the working unit refers to the Naval Infirmary.

A navy official said, "Even after purchasing the rapid antigen test kit in advance, the Cheonghae Unit could not take it due to a mistake between the working units such as the infirmary."

It is reported that the Navy only supplied 800 'Rapid Antibody Test Kits', which have poor discrimination ability, instead of rapid antigen test kits to the 34th base of the Cheonghae Unit.