The initiative comes from the Öland musicians who were bored in the corona pandemic.

- If there is something you have missed, it is to play in front of an audience.

It has not been possible.

But now it is, it.

That is why we took this initiative, says project manager and musician Jonas Gustavsson.

The Big Pipe band stands for disco and funk during the evening, while the tribute band The Moose Brothers stands for soul and blues.

"An entertainment metropolis"

That it became just the disco theme is because the musicians want to recreate the old party environment that existed in Borgholm in the past.

- I was here myself in the 80s and then Borgholm was an entertainment metropolis, then it was this music we danced to, says Jonas Gustavsson.

The organizers of the music evenings: Jonas Gustavsson, musician, and Christina Erlandsson, chairman of Öland's cultural heritage association that runs Borgholm's city museum.

Photo: Fanny Asplund / SVT

Seated disco dance 

After some of the corona restrictions have been lifted, it is currently allowed to take in 3,000 people if they have their own seat.

But to be on the safe side, Disco inferno takes in 150-200 seated people.

- The fire authority has approved 500 people, but with regard to the covid rules, we want to give people a good condition to be able to keep their distance, says Jonas Gustavsson.

Disco music and dance belong together for many, but Jonas Gustavsson assures that seated disco dance works.

- It is actually possible to dance while sitting and it works.

You can do a lot of movements with your arms.

See the preparations for the evening in the clip above.