Conflict erupted within the power of the people over former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, who is continuing his steps outside the party. When middle-ranking lawmakers in the party, so-called 'pro-yun-gye', told them not to pressure former President Yoon, Jun-seok Lee responded, "The party should be the center."

Correspondent Lee Hyun-young.

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President Jun-seok Lee of People's Power repeatedly pressured former President Yoon Seok-yeol to join the party, saying, "The trend of approval ratings is dangerous" and "you may be receiving wrong advice", a backlash erupted centering on the 'pro-Yun-seok-yeol' within the party. .

On the 22nd, following Rep. Jang Je-won, who directly hit President Lee, saying, "I asked you to be so careful with your words, are you reading the sutra?", Rep. Jeong Jin-seok yesterday said, "It is difficult to use unnecessary pressure on former President Yoon." and criticized it.

Rep. Kwon Seong-dong, a friend of former President Yoon, also said, "It is the words of a political commentator or a member of the ruling party to criticize Yoon's approval rating as dangerous."

The president immediately refuted.

[Lee Jun-seok / Representative of the People's Power: I think that middle-ranking lawmakers in the party should go with the attitude of

Jung Jung-dong


Accordingly, Jeong Jin-seok and Kwon Seong-dong visited the party representative's office and told Representative Lee, "To change the regime, we must unite." He also expressed his concerns directly.

However, as some representatives, such as Rep. Hong Jun-pyo, took the side of President Lee, saying, "It is wrong to shake the party leader indiscriminately," it seems that internal redness will continue.