Nicole and Jens Kurzweil have it all.

Completely normal charcoal grills, gas and electric grills, smokers, table grills, ceramic grills, planchas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, of course the right accessories, cutlery, grates, coal, pellets, rotisseries, pizza stones, thermometers, knives, sauces, spices and even barbecue books - just everything you can think of and wish for when it comes to grilling.

But they don't have one thing in their “360 degree BBQ” grill shop: cheap goods.

They only sell their customers branded products, devices with a long-term guarantee, quality that has its price.

“We are a specialist retailer,” says fifty-one year old Kurzweil.

The customers put an average of 1000 euros on their table for a grill.

"That is only possible with the best advice - no customer goes out here for less than 30 to 45 minutes."

Peter Badenhop

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The Kurzweils started their own business seven years ago.

She gave up her office jobs, created a business plan, opened her shop on Wächtersbacher Strasse in Frankfurt-Fechenheim - and quickly made a name for herself far beyond the city.

They moved to Hanauer Landstrasse last summer.

They needed more space for their grill shop, which is now one of the largest in Germany.

They now have 1,500 square meters at their disposal, which not only offers enough space for the large exhibition and an integrated barista shop, but also further development opportunities - and the Kurzweils have been using them for almost ten days with Christoph and Hans Joachim Mika.

First class beef in all kinds of cuts

The two brothers, aged 37 and 30, have everything. Everything you can think of and wish for when it comes to grilled food: first-class beef in all kinds of cuts, from ribeye and porterhouse to brisket and boiled beef to côte de beuf and flank steak. In addition, fine pieces of pork, lamb and game, as well as fish and seafood, all frozen and in premium quality. There are also wine, pasta and all kinds of other delicacies that the Mikas and their trading company Fornara have been selling to retailers and restaurateurs for many years.

The two brothers also broke new ground in the pandemic.

They first opened a warehouse at their headquarters in Taunusstein, then in Wiesbaden and Aschaffenburg and now in the Kurzweils shop in Frankfurt.

“It fits together perfectly,” says Nicole Kurzweil.

“We have the hardware and Fornara has the software.” The four of them only met a few weeks ago, “but it was right immediately”.

Personally, but above all with the assortments.

“We have the same customers,” says Christoph Mika.

"People who grill and value quality and advice, but who want to be treated in a relaxed and down-to-earth manner."

"360 Grad BBQ" and Fornara, Hanauer Landstrasse 427, Frankfurt;

Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday until 6 p.m.,