A man has been rescued by the local coast guard in the US state of Alaska after he claims he survived a week-long attack by a grizzly bear.

The man had previously been reported missing, according to American media after he failed to return in time from a camping trip near the southern city of Nome, in an area where many bears live.

Due to the remote location of his camp, it took a long time to find him.

Coast Guard members happened to see a distress message on the roof of a remote cabin from a helicopter.

As the helicopter flew closer, the occupants saw the man waving a white flag.

The man told the Coast Guard that he had not slept for a week because he was attacked every night by a grizzly bear.

With a pistol, the man kept chasing the bear away, but by now his bullets were almost gone.

The door of the hut had also been torn open by the bear, so that the man was poorly protected against another attack by the animal.

He was flown to hospital because of wounds to his chest and leg, which he himself had bandaged.

His injuries were not life-threatening, according to the Coast Guard.

Grizzly bears are common in Alaska's wildlife, but conservation organizations say it's very unusual for a bear to deliberately attack people multiple times.

The remote camp where the man was found.

The remote camp where the man was found.

Photo: US Coast Goard