The amendment to the second supplementary budget bill worth 34.9 trillion won was passed by the National Assembly to support small businesses and provide disaster relief funds.

The National Assembly held a plenary session today (24th) at 2 a.m. and passed the amendment to the second supplementary budget bill for 2021, which was decided by the Special Committee on Budget and Settlement of the National Assembly, with 208 in favour, 17 against, and 12 abstentions. .

The supplementary budget bill originally submitted by the government was 33 trillion won, but after negotiations between the ruling and opposition parties, the National Assembly Preliminary Committee adjusted the additional budget by adjusting the execution time of the supplementary budget project and utilizing the pre-established budget by adding 1.9 trillion won and adjusting the supplementary budget to 34.9 trillion won. The amendment was passed.

The total amount of support for small businesses increased by 1.4 trillion won to 5.3 trillion won.

Accordingly, the Hope Recovery Fund has been raised from the previous maximum of KRW 9 million to a maximum of KRW 20 million.

Disaster relief, which has been controversial between the ruling and opposition parties as well as the political parties, has been decided to provide 250,000 won per person to about 87.7% of all households over the target of payment, such as 'support for all citizens' and 'the bottom 80% of income'.

A total of 1.41 million households (3 million people) can benefit from additional benefits by supplementing single-person households or dual-income households with a budget of KRW 8.6 trillion by increasing KRW 500 billion.

The budget for reinforcing the COVID-19 quarantine situation, which has recently deteriorated, has also been increased by 500 billion won and reflected to 4.9 trillion won.

In addition, 200 billion won was added to the budget for other livelihood support for vulnerable public transportation support, meal support for undernourished children, and support for damage to the aquaculture industry.

The repayment of government bonds (2 trillion won), one of the issues, was resolved without change in the existing government bill.

On the other hand, about 700 billion won was reduced, including 'credit card cashback', consumption coupons, and job opportunities.

National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seok said, "Recently, as the corona virus spreads and the sweltering heat continues, all the people are having a difficult day." He said, "I hope that the supplementary budget will provide some comfort to the people and hope that they can overcome the corona and rise again. do,” he said.