Chinanews client, Beijing, July 22 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) Since July 17, Henan has experienced extremely heavy rainfall and Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, has become a vast ocean.

At the same time, in Xinxiang, less than 100 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, the situation is also not optimistic.

Picture source: Xinxiang Fire

How heavy is the rain?

Equivalent to Zhengzhou

  The first is precipitation, which is almost equal to Zhengzhou.

  According to the Xinxiang City Flood Control Emergency Press Conference, from 8:00 on July 17 to 6:00 on the 22nd, Xinxiang experienced extremely heavy rain, with a maximum precipitation of 907 mm.

  Among the 175 stations in Xinxiang city, there are 14 stations above 700 mm. The maximum 1-hour rain intensity is 149.9 mm, and the maximum two-hour rain intensity is 267.4 mm. The period of the strongest precipitation occurs from 5:00 on the 20th to 5:00 on the 22nd. The precipitation is 812 mm.

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  The total amount of continuous large-scale precipitation this time has exceeded the two strongest extreme weather precipitation in the history of Xinxiang City since the meteorological record (583.1 mm in 2000 and 450.2 mm in 2016), the largest total precipitation and the highest hourly rainfall , The maximum two-hour rain intensity and the total amount of precipitation during the strongest period are equal to those of Zhengzhou.

At 10:30 on July 21, the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Xinxiang City upgraded the flood control emergency response level from Level II to Level I.

  How heavy is the rain?

There are more direct feelings.

On the evening of the 21st, Xinxiang experienced a severe rainstorm, and the rainfall in 2 hours exceeded that of Zhengzhou.

Immediately, "Xinxiang Heavy Rain" appeared on the hot search, and many netizens reported heavy rain.

For example, the Weihe River in Xinxiang has reached the level of Heping Road.

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  According to a report by Elephant News, at 9 pm on the 21st, the turntable at the intersection of Fengquan District, Xinxiang City was submerged.

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  Because of the heavy rain, the vehicles were afraid to drive and stopped on the bridge.

Pingyuan Road, Xinxiang City, the most prosperous street, was completely flooded.

More than 470,000 people were affected

  Zhang Qi (pseudonym), who works in Xinxiang, told reporters that he was on night shift in Xinxiang Outer Ring on the evening of the 21st.

After the rain was heavy, he wanted to drive back to the city. He tried to walk along the North Ring and the East Ring, but found that he couldn't get in either way. He walked along the East Ring to the South Ring and Heping Avenue before entering the city.

A colleague wanted to take his car back, but turned around and couldn't leave.

Finally, he parked the car in the surrounding parking lot and waded back.

"I am one meter eighth tall, and the water reaches my ass." Zhang Qi said.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  On the 22nd, the Xinxiang City Flood Control Emergency Press Conference announced that continuous heavy rainfall caused the water level at the communist Quhehe Station and Weihe Jixian Station to exceed the warning level. There were 7 medium-sized reservoirs in Xinxiang City, Huixian, Weihui, etc. 58 Two towns were affected.

As of 22:30 on the 21st, more than 470,000 people were affected, and more than 55,000 hectares of crops were affected.

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  From 20:00 on July 21st to 15:00 on 22nd, 19 stations in Xinxiang reached extremely heavy rain (≥250mm).

The five largest sites are: Weihui Tower, Fengquan Phoenix Mountain, Muye District, Shigejie, Huixian County, and Huixian Water Conservancy Bureau.

At present, there are still many people trapped or lack of supplies in these areas.

In the "Henan Rainstorm Mutual Assistance" Weibo topic, many netizens are posting posts asking for help.

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More than 76,000 rescuers were dispatched

  Rescue is also underway.

According to the Xinxiang City Flood Control Emergency Press Conference, Xinxiang organized 138 professional rescue teams with 9,393 people, more than 300 mass defense teams with more than 10,000 people, and various emergency vehicles and equipment to carry out rescue work.

At present, the city has dispatched more than 76,000 disaster relief forces and 1,521 rescue vehicles.

Image source: Henan Fire

  Except for the urban area of ​​Xinxiang, flood prevention and rescue work is also urgent in the vast rural areas.

On July 21, villagers from Daluozhao Village, Xinxiang, Henan, evacuated collectively.

  Feng Xian, deputy mayor of Han Dongzhuang Town, Pingyuan Demonstration Zone, Xinxiang City, told reporters that last Friday Xinxiang City held a flood control deployment meeting. They started to act that night. The town and villages set up a flood control working group and went down to the village. Begin to investigate house by house and prepare sandbags and materials.

According to her, the dilapidated houses in many villages have been renovated, but some villages are undergoing relocation, the people have not yet moved, the old houses have not been renovated, and there are more dilapidated houses.

In some villages, the infrastructure is relatively weak, and there are also some dilapidated houses.

They need to move the people in dilapidated houses in advance.

  "An old man transferred her to his son's house, and she came back secretly. We had to stare at it every day. The house collapsed at night as soon as she was transferred to her yesterday (20th). There was also a villager who moved away in advance. , But that day, I went to the house to put the electric car. The house collapsed in less than ten minutes after I got out. The houses and walls in the village collapsed in several places. Every day I feel that I am killing a life." Feng Xian sighed, it is really important to make arrangements in advance. Everyone's cohesion and sense of responsibility are much higher than imagined, and the masses also know that it is for their good, and they all cooperate with the work.

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Water supply and power supply will return to normal

  Good news is also coming.

During heavy rains, waterlogging and prolonged power outages occurred in many parts of Xinxiang urban area, which caused great inconvenience to the lives of citizens.

  According to the Xinxiang Daily, the water supply in Xinxiang City has returned to normal conditions.

In addition, according to the Xinxiang City Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters announcement, relevant departments are making every effort to organize emergency repairs of power facilities and drainage of road area water, and strive to fully restore residents’ electricity consumption by 6 pm on the 22nd, and basically restore road traffic.

  The rain in Xinxiang is also weakening.

The rainstorm warning signal of the Xinxiang Meteorological Observatory changed from red to orange. It is expected that in the next 3 hours, the rainfall in some towns in the northern part of Xinxiang city, Huixian and Weihui will reach more than 50 mm.

  However, the heavy rains have not stopped, and flood prevention cannot be slackened.