“We understand what Ukraine's dependence on the United States is.

And we understand that the desire to harm your neighbor no longer lends itself to any logical explanation.

But apparently Ukraine already understands that this project will be implemented in any case.

Therefore, these empty statements will remain as such, ”the MP said.

He noted that the Nord Stream 2 project is purely economic in nature.

“We have heard about this more than once at the level of the President of the Russian Federation.

And political goals should not be interfered here ... The German economy needs resources such as Nord Stream 2, and this was clear a few years ago.

By itself, the costly component of using pipeline gas is many times more profitable than all the other resources offered, including from the United States, ”added Gladkikh.

Earlier, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Dmitry Razumkov, addressed in an open letter to the US Congress with a request to continue the introduction of sanctions measures that will help stop the completion of Nord Stream 2.