(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Chinese officials talk about the tracing of the new coronavirus: if you want to "see the origin", don't limit your vision

  China News Service, Beijing, July 22 (Reporter Li Chun) In response to the current global spread of the new coronavirus, the Chinese leader of the China-WHO New Coronavirus Traceability Joint Research Expert Group, Liang Wannian, said in Beijing on the 22nd. , The next step of virus traceability is inseparable from the joint research in many countries and places around the world.

  On the same day, the State Council Information Office of China held a press conference on the traceability of the new crown virus.

Liang Wannian said at the meeting that as scientists from many countries continue to study the traceability of the new coronavirus, there have been multiple research results showing that the emergence of the new coronavirus in many places around the world is earlier than our previous known time.

  He listed a number of specific cases:

  In November 2019, a skin biopsy of an Italian woman revealed multiple reactivity of the novel coronavirus in situ hybridization.

  On November 27, 2019, the genetic material of the new coronavirus was detected in a wastewater sample collected in a city in Brazil.

  From December 13, 2019 to January 17, 2020, in 9 states in the United States, regular blood donation archived samples showed 106 positive responses for antibodies to the new coronavirus.

  The early gene sequences from Iran, Brazil and Italy sampled on December 24, 2019 have been uploaded to the national database.

  In mid-December 2019, France reported an increase in the prevalence of neutralizing antibodies.

  On December 27, 2019, a throat swab sample from a hemoptysis patient in France was tested by RT-PCR, and the new coronavirus nucleic acid test was positive.

  In January 2020, a wastewater sample collected in Barcelona, ​​Spain, tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid.

  From January 2 to March 18, 2020, among 24,079 blood samples from 50 states in the United States, 9 samples tested positive for the new crown antibody.

  Regarding the cases obtained by scientists from the above countries through research, Liang Wannian said that this indicates that Wuhan may not be the first site for the new coronavirus to break through the interface. After the transmission of the new coronavirus exists in humans or animals, it is transmitted from person to person and from person to person. Cycle mode.

  Liang Wannian pointed out that the next step, whether it is early cases, biological samples, gene sequences, natural hosts, intermediate hosts, or cold chains, cannot be separated from the joint research of multiple countries and multiple places around the world; it is necessary to understand that the virus may spread across species and then spread globally. In the entire scientific process, it is necessary to deeply understand the diversity of viruses and their evolution in animal hosts, the interaction between animals, the environment and humans, and the factors that contribute to the spread of viruses between humans.

  He emphasized that viruses are the common enemy of mankind. Whether it is prevention or treatment, we need to unite to cope with it. On the scientific issue of traceability, the cooperation of scientists from all over the world is needed, and the joint efforts and cooperation of governments and all people of all countries are also needed.

  Wang Chen, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of Peking Union Medical College, and director of the National Center for Respiratory Medicine, said that the traceability process is so complicated and diverse. Important directional issues of multi-point, multi-directional, and three-dimensional traceability should be carried out all over the world.