From 8:00 on July 17 to 6:00 on the 22nd, a large area of ​​torrential rain disaster occurred in Xinxiang City, with a maximum continuous precipitation of 907 mm. There were 14 stations in the city with precipitation above 700 mm, and the strongest precipitation period appeared on July 7. From 5 am on the 20th to 5 am on the 22nd, the continuous precipitation reached 812 mm.

  The total amount of continuous large-scale precipitation this time exceeded the maximum total precipitation, the maximum hourly rainfall, and the maximum rainfall of the two extreme weather precipitations (583.1 mm in 2000 and 450.2 mm in 2016) since the meteorological record of Xinxiang City The two-hour rain intensity and the total amount of precipitation during the strongest period are comparable to those of Zhengzhou.

Today (22nd) at 8 o’clock in the morning, Xinxiang City held the first flood prevention emergency press conference of this year and introduced at the meeting. Xinxiang City’s emergency response level for flood prevention was upgraded from Level II to Level I at 10:30 on July 21. .