China News Service, Hangzhou, July 22 (Guo Qiyu, Liu Fangqi) Warm and elegant log space, fresh and simple landscape layout, Taiwan-style tea and vegetables...In the scenic area of ​​West Zhejiang Grand Canyon in Lin'an District, Hangzhou, "Meet Tea" "She" is hidden in the clouds.

  B&B owner Zhang Yuming is from Taipei, Taiwan. “I came to Xiangjian Village for the first time in 2013. The beautiful scenery here suddenly awakened my travel memories in Taiwan’s Jiufen Tea House and built a “Meeting Tea House”. Thoughts have taken root since then."

  In January 2017, "Meeting Tea House" B&B was officially launched.

Zhang Yuming's sincere management and warm desktop services have brought a strong Taiwanese style to this secluded small village in western Zhejiang, and also made this Taiwanese characteristic homestay a "net celebrity" check-in place.

  On the way to a demonstration zone for high-quality construction of common prosperity in Zhejiang, "homestays" are becoming the destination for more and more Taiwanese youths to pursue their dreams.

At the 3rd Cross-Strait Youth Development Forum in 2020, Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, announced "eight measures to benefit Taiwanese youth", including "cultivating 50 homestay projects in which Taiwanese youth participate in cooperation."

As of July this year, there have been 31 homestay projects in Zhejiang and Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese youths who have participated in cooperation.

  In addition to investing in the construction of homestays, Taiqing is also exploring the branding of homestays in Zhejiang.

"Retention" is a homestay brand created by Taiqing Li Guofei.

In 2006, Li Guofei graduated and came to the mainland. She started from a hotel, which coincided with the craze for homestays in mainland China, and opened two homestays in Xitang, Jiaxing and Tonglu, Hangzhou.

  "Just like the homestay brand I created to'retain', in the 15 years in Zhejiang, the mainland's concern for Taiwan youth investment, entrepreneurship, communication, and life has also retained me." Li Guofei hopes to seize the current opportunities for rural revitalization , To find a place to start a business and a spiritual habitat among the green waters and green mountains.

  "Excellent operators are the soul of the entire project", this is the consensus of the homestay industry, and "butler" is another identity tag for Taiqing to participate in the development of Zhejiang homestay industry.

  "Cun Shang·Cun Hotel" is located in the beautiful landscape of the Jinhua Pujiang River. At the beginning of the establishment of the B&B, Cai Xingjue, who served as the vice chairman of the Taiwan B&B Inn Association, led the team to operate.

"Treat residents like family members" has long become the tacit understanding of the Taiqing butlers in the team: "In Taiwan, homestays are a family sideline. People will run a homestay as their own home and share it with everyone. We also want to This concept of'home and sharing' is brought to the mainland."

  Today, Cai Xingjue is leading a team to build a boutique homestay project with Taiwanese housekeeper characteristics in Yanmen Village, Rongjiang Township, Jinyun County, Lishui, to promote the local construction of a demonstration site for the integration of Zhejiang and Taiwan for common prosperity.

"Under the background of the comprehensive implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in the mainland and Zhejiang's efforts to build a demonstration zone for common prosperity, with the blessing of the'eight measures to benefit Taiqing, Taiqing has a lot to do in participating in the homestay project." Cai Xingjue is full of confidence.

  In April this year, Zhejiang held a special matchmaking meeting to implement the "22 Agriculture and Forestry Measures" and the "Eight Measures to Benefit Taiwan Youth". Taiwanese businessmen from the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta and representatives of more than 30 rural and homestay construction projects in Zhejiang Do the docking and complete the project contract on site.

  At the same time, various departments of the province are also actively integrating resources to help Taiwanese youths participate in rural cooperation projects.

For example, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has launched 11 homestay cooperation projects for Taiwanese businessmen and youths, and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has launched 55 villages and 58 cooperative projects for Taiwanese businessmen and youths to participate in rural construction.

  "Zhejiang can provide a broad market space for the construction of beautiful rural areas, and Taiwan also has experience worth learning in agriculture, forestry, and rural construction. The two sides will give full play to their complementary advantages and share the beauty of the integration of Zhejiang and Taiwan in the green mountains of Zhejiang. Life." said the relevant person in charge of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province.