by Fabrizio Patti

22 July 2021 Third day of rise for the Ftse Mib index in Piazza Affari, after the crash on Monday.

Opening marks +0.59 percent.

Yesterday + 2.36%, since the beginning of the week the balance is substantially balanced (+ 0.11%).

In the rest of Europe today differentiated trends: London -0.09%, Frankfurt + 0.75%.

Even in Asia during the night the plus sign prevailed: with the Tokyo stock exchange closed for holidays, the + 1.7% of the Hong Kong stock exchange stood out.

The quarterly reports of the companies listed on Wall Street favored the change of pace.

So far 88% of those who have published the accounts have shown better than expected results, according to the findings of the data provider Refinitiv.  

Oil also rose yesterday, + 4% for Brent, back above 72 dollars a barrel. Today it is just below that threshold of $ 71.97. In recent days, after an agreement between producing countries to increase extraction globally, it had fallen from 76 to 68 dollars.

In Piazza Affari, instead, eyes focused on Mps (+ 5.29%, yesterday + 4.89%): yesterday it was announced that the institute and the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation signed a preliminary agreement regarding the compensation requests that the foundation had asked for various corporate events, from the acquisition of Banca Antonveneta, to the capital increases of 2011 and 2014-2015. In the face of requests for 3.8 billion, there will be a payment of 150 million euros from the bank, which is also committed to enhancing the bank's artistic assets. This agreement could now simplify the privatization process of MPs that the Treasury is working on.

Mediobanca also in the spotlight + 0.49%, after yesterday's + 3% due to the rise in the participation of Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone.

Among the other securities of the Ftse Mib, greater increases for Atlantia (+ 2.6%) and Bper Banca (+ 2.3%), greater decreases for Recordati (-0.43%) and Inwit (-0.5%)