The partner of Peter R. de Vries did not agree with the crime journalist about his role as confidential counselor for the crown witness in the Marengo trial, she said in an interview with

de Volkskrant on



"But I also understood why he wanted to do this: as a crime reporter of that caliber you want to be involved in such a mega criminal case."

The woman says she has had "fierce conversations" with De Vries about his role in the Marengo process.

"Now I am left with the question of whether I could have done more to stop him. That question will always haunt me."

In conversation with

de Volkskrant

she talks about her relationship with De Vries and the loss, but also about the discussions they had about his safety.

De Vries had been in a relationship with her for years, but she wanted to remain anonymous.

After the death of the crime journalist, that is also necessary, for the sake of her own safety.

De Vries was shot in the street on July 6 after being a guest at

RTL Boulevard


He died on July 15 from his injuries.

Shortly after the assassination attempt on De Vries, those involved already announced that De Vries did not want to be protected.

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'Incomprehensible that route was not secured'

The woman cannot make any statements about the security of De Vries, but says she hopes that the investigation that is underway will provide answers to the question of whether the judiciary has acted in the right way.

"If you know that a brother and a lawyer of the crown witness have already been shot, and you also know that Peter takes the same route every day to and from

RTL Boulevard

, and you do not secure those routes, I find that incomprehensible."

"Because you know: if they shoot Peter, the impact is even greater. Then someone really says: know who you are dealing with. Then you sow the most fear. Peter was the main prize."


People flocking in line to pay Peter R. de Vries last respect