Chinese official: Strengthen labor protection in special circumstances such as severe weather

  China News Service, Beijing, July 22 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) Eight Chinese departments have recently jointly issued guidelines on safeguarding the labor security rights and interests of workers in new forms of employment.

The opinions put forward that labor protection under special circumstances such as severe weather should be strengthened, and work safety accidents and occupational disease hazards should be minimized.

  In recent years, China’s platform economy has developed rapidly, creating a large number of employment opportunities. The number of new employment forms of workers, such as online delivery agents, online car-hailing drivers, truck drivers, and Internet marketers, who rely on Internet platforms for employment, has increased significantly, maintaining labor Labor security rights and interests are facing new situations and new problems.

To this end, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Emergency Response, the State Administration of Market Supervision, the National Medical Insurance Bureau, the Supreme People's Court, and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued guidelines.

  The opinion puts forward that the improvement of the system and the shortcomings in the protection of labor rights include the following measures:

  Implement a fair employment system and eliminate employment discrimination.

Enterprises shall not illegally set discriminatory conditions such as gender, ethnicity, age, etc. for recruiting laborers, shall not collect property from laborers by paying security deposits, deposits or other names, and shall not illegally restrict laborers' employment on multiple platforms.

  Improve the minimum wage and payment guarantee system, and promote the inclusion of workers in new forms of employment that do not fully meet the conditions for establishing labor relations into the scope of system guarantees.

Supervise and urge enterprises to pay workers who provide normal labor with labor remuneration not lower than the local minimum wage standard, pay in full and on time, and must not deduct or default on payment without reason.

Guide enterprises to establish a reasonable increase mechanism for labor remuneration, and gradually increase the level of labor remuneration.

  Improve the rest system, promote the industry to clarify the labor quota standards, and scientifically determine the workload and labor intensity of laborers.

Supervise and urge enterprises to reasonably determine rest measures in accordance with regulations, and pay reasonable remuneration higher than normal working hours during legal holidays.

  Complete and implement the labor safety and health responsibility system, and strictly implement the national labor safety and health protection standards.

Enterprises must firmly establish a safety "red line" awareness, and must not set assessment indicators that harm the safety and health of workers.

It is necessary to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations on production safety, implement the responsibility system for all employees in production safety, establish and improve safety production rules and regulations and operating procedures, equip with necessary labor safety and sanitation facilities and labor protection supplies, and promptly monitor the safety and compliance status of labor tools Check, strengthen safety production and occupational health education and training, attach importance to the physical and mental health of workers, and carry out psychological counseling in a timely manner.

Strengthen labor protection under special circumstances such as severe weather, and minimize safety production accidents and occupational disease hazards.

  Improve basic old-age insurance and medical insurance related policies. All localities must liberalize the household registration restrictions for flexible employees to participate in basic old-age and basic medical insurance at the place of employment. If it is difficult to achieve one step in some mega-cities, it is necessary to combine local conditions and actively create conditions to gradually release open.

  Strengthen occupational injury protection, focusing on platform companies in travel, food delivery, instant delivery, intra-city freight and other industries, organize and carry out pilot occupational injury protection for platform flexible employees, and platform companies shall participate in accordance with regulations.

  Supervise and urge enterprises to formulate and revise system rules and platform algorithms that directly involve labor rights and interests such as platform entry and exit, order distribution, piece rate, unit price, percentage of remuneration, remuneration composition and payment, working hours, rewards and punishments, and fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of labor unions or labor representatives , Publicize the results and inform the workers.